Annandale House

2008 – 2011

The site for this house is closely bounded by residential units to the south-west and the Piano Factory warehouse apartment conversion to the north. The west and east offer framed views to established trees and green streetscape respectively. Taking these issues into consideration, the new additions attach to the rear of the terrace and unfold along the length of the site, with new floor levels corresponding to the natural topography, resulting in a series of split levels and pocket courtyards with the eight-metre high stepped Piano Factory heritage wall along the northern boundary as their backdrop.

The heavily shaded site gave the opportunity to explore the use of glazed elements differently. Inverting normal conventions, opening windows are solid panels and walls are clear glass, providing a visual connection to the courtyards. Sun-controlled skylights along the southern edge of the house capture daylight throughout the year. The glazed gallery hallway beside the main courtyard captures the winter sun and becomes a radiant heat sink for the rest of the house.

Photography © 2011 Ross Honeysett. All rights reserved.

2013 Dulux Colour Award | Single Residential Exterior | Winner. Jury Citation.

2012 World Architecture News House of the Year Awards | Longlisted

2012 Houses Awards | Winner | Alteration & Addition over 200m². Jury Citation.

2012 NSW Chapter AIA Awards | Shortlisted | Single Residential | Alterations & Additions

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