Portraits + Architecture

2008 – 2009

CO-AP were commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to design an installation for the ‘Portraits + Architecture’ exhibition, together with six renown Australian architectural practices including Denton Corker Marshall, Johnson Pilton Walker, Terroir, Sean Godsell, Troppo & Kerstin Thompson.

Excerpt from the NPG website below:

“The exhibition Portraits + Architecture explores the thinking that informs creative architecture practice rather than the details of specific buildings or architectural projects. The selection of the participating architect teams was based on the original nature of their practice. As a group, they represent a diversity of scale, working from different locations in Australia. The everyday work of each architect team is marked by their unique personality, attitude and aesthetic.

Each architect team was asked to create an installation that reflects their creative philosophy. The exhibition excludes traditional architecture models and plans. The installations can be considered as a self-portrait of the architects’ practice. Variously incorporating photographic, video, and three-dimensional elements installed in the gallery space, the installations are evocative and open-ended.”

Photography © 2009 Ross Honeysett / CO-AP. All rights reserved.


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