Rooftop Trigeneration Facility Enclosure

2014 – 2015

CO-AP was commissioned by City of Sydney to design a rooftop enclosure for a new trigeneration facility at the top of Town Hall House, a building designed by Anchor Mortlock Woolley and completed in 1974.

Our concept for the rooftop trigeneration facility enclosure is to create a new crown for Town Hall House that is sculptural yet pragmatic. Preliminary studies of details and forms of the original Anchor Mortlock Woolley design and surrounding heritage buildings offer inspiration for our approach. The proposal is for a fluted enclosure assembled from simple, light-weight prefabricated elements to suit the technical & acoustic requirements of the trigeneration plant. The enclosure would be economically implemented, functional for the trigeneration facility, and a beautiful addition to the Sydney skyline.

The design was developed in consultation with Ken Woolley. The proposal remains unbuilt.